Features and advantages of wire mesh basket cable tray

Features and advantages of wire mesh basket cable tray
1.Simple maintenance work
Equipment is often added, removed or changed in the server room, and cables are removed or added at the same time. The use of open structured wire mesh cable tray allows for greater visibility of cables, so it is easy to identify cables that need to be replaced, making maintenance and repair work easy.


2. Dexterity and simplicity

Wire Mesh cable tray products do not need to order any elbow, tee and other components, they can be made into various forms according to the actual construction situation. This feature is very easy for designers and installers, and can significantly reduce the installation time.


3. Reduce cable procurement costs and reduce energy consumption

Basket cable tray are open, so the cables naturally ventilate and dissipate heat without gathering, and the temperature inside the bridge does not rise. Therefore, cable performance is optimized and smaller cross-sectional area cables can be used, thus reducing cable procurement costs.


4. Elegant form

As the cable is visible, require the construction of the electrical order placement, and mesh format bridge meticulous workmanship, more in line with customer requirements spray-painted into a variety of colors, the whole system looks very vivid after installation, to break the dull atmosphere of the previous server room black or gray for monotone. Another popular practice is to use this color bridge but use colored cables, because it is open bridge, so after installation is also very elegant.


5. The load-bearing capacity of mesh cable trays

Mesh format shortened bridges are lightweight but do not deplete the more important load-bearing properties. The mesh cable tray is made of high quality steel wires with diameters of 4mm-6mm mixed in an optimized configuration according to the mechanics, and is cross-welded horizontally and longitudinally and T-welded on its side and top chords using a special order welding machine to achieve a tension of 500 kg per welded joint. the safe T-edge formed by T-welding is a global patent for most countries of basket cable tray, avoiding sharp ends of welded joints, which not only protects the cables, but also is safer for construction and installation personnel. It not only protects the cables, but is also safer for construction and installation personnel.


6. Durable and sturdy

Mesh cable tray are available in a variety of surface treatments. The zinc layer thickness of electro-galvanized is 12-18 μm, and the zinc layer thickness of hot-dip galvanized is 60-80 μm, and the coating is uniform and corrosion resistant. For special environments, mesh cable tray can also be supplied with passivated 304L and 316L high quality stainless steel series cable trays and cable accessories to ensure the durability and sturdiness of the products.

Post time: Feb-28-2023