Type and advantages of cable tray

Cable tray divide into trough type of cable tray, ladder type of cable tray,perforated cable tray, wire mesh cable tray or basket cable tray.
Our cable tray product includes light duty, standard duty and heavy duty to meet different requirements for loading capacity and working conditions.

The materials usually use: Mild steel, carbon steel, pre-galvanized steel, hop dip galvanized steel, 304/316 stainless steel, aluminum, Polymer alloy, plastic, FRP( fiberglass reinforced plastic) or GRP(glass reinforced plastic).

The surface treatment of cable tray : pre-galvanised, Hop dipped galvanized, electronic-galvanized, Powder coated, paint...

The width of cable tray: Usually 25mm-1200mm;
The height of cable tray: Usually 25mm-300mm;
The Length of cable tray: Usually 2meters - 6meters;


The electric cable tray system are widely used for construction projects, Particularly suitable for the use of naval and marine engineering. such as laying electrical wire and cable, Making the lay of the electric wire, electric cable and pipeline achieved the universalized level.

Installation Notice

Bends, Risers, T Junctions, Crosses & Reducers can be made from wire mesh cable tray straight sections flexibly  in projects.
Trays shall be supported at a maximum span of 2.5m by trapeze, wall, floor or channel mounting methods and will not exceed maximum loads as specified by the manufacturer. Wire Mesh Cable Tray systems can be safely employed in places where the temperature ranges between -40°C and +150°C without any change to their characteristics.

Using Hesheng group cable trays to run your electrical cable can save you time and money, can increase your quality, and can set you up better for future expansions or additions.
Our cable management system provides the optimal conditions for cables and tubes and is extremely flexible. The system has the following advantages:
*It is easy to replace cables in the system, as each cable is traceable from one end to the other;
*The flexible cable management system is perfect for installations where cables or tubes are moved frequently;
*No tools are needed when fastening cables in the cable management system;
*The system is manufactured from rounded wire mesh or smooth steel sheet, protecting soft cables and tubes;
*The open design of the system makes for easy cleaning;

Post time: Mar-14-2022