Functions of Trough Type of Cable Tray or Cable Trunking

Functions of Trough Type of Cable Tray or Cable Trunking

Cable trunking is a commonly used facility in the construction and communication field, which can be used for a variety of purposes such as cable routing, pipe protection, and address marking. Often also an integral part of multi-story buildings, underground corridors, and server rooms, trough type cable tray can provide important support and convenience to infrastructures such as power, telecom, and datacom. Below we will provide an in-depth look at the structure and function of metal cable trunking. Cable containment is a type of cable tray that is widely used in construction and telecommunications. It consists of two or more beams and vertical connecting brackets that form one or more cable trays. These cable trays can be used for cabling or protection of cables, pipes and other equipment. Cable trunking materials are available in metal or plastic and are usually selected based on the facility’s purpose, site requirements and market demand. Trough cable trays are characterized by their ability to enhance safety, maintainability, configurability and upgradability. Cable trough are widely used in modern buildings and communication facilities for a variety of different scenarios, making facility management and routine maintenance easier. Introduction to the features of cable trunking:

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Cable Trunking not only has advantages in hanging cables, but also can play a role in protecting pipes. In some places where pipes need to be installed, raceways can cross multiple pipes vertically and can be opened at any time for inspection and maintenance. At the same time, the grooved cable tray will ease the external forces occurring in the pipeline transportation process, protect the pipeline from damage and extend its service life.If interest or more information, kindly contact us via , We can send you our full range cable tray catalog, we manufacture and export all kinds of cable tray with more than 16 years experience.

In addition, Cable trunking can be used for address marking. In large buildings and plant rooms, a standardized layout of cable trunking can help staff find their location accurately, as well as more convenient maintenance, and there is little confusion with other piping. Standardized layouts also help to reduce harmonics, signal crosstalk, and interference with each other, improving the efficiency of network and communications components.


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