Polymer Alloy Cable Ladder

  • HPCL Hesheng Polymer Alloy Plastic Cable ladder(PVC)

    HPCL Hesheng Polymer Alloy Plastic Cable ladder(PVC)

    Cable ladder is one of the most widely used in industrial and civil buildings. It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure and convenient installation. It is suitable for both the installation of strong electric cable of small diameter and the laying of weak electric cable. In the project, there are two ways of laying the tray with or without a cover. The tray without a cover has good heat dissipation performance, but it is easy to fall dust, and troublesome to clean. It is usually used in dust-free or less dust places, otherwise the tray with a cover should be used. Tray selection principles are as follows:

    A: Tray can be used for wiring of ordinary power cables and communication cables, but tray without covers are not allowed to be laid in the ceiling or hanging ceiling; B; 750°C, 1.5 h refractory cable can be wired with covered tray, (the tray shell should be made of fire prevention materials.)

  • HPCC Hesheng Polymer Alloy Plastic Cable Channel(PVC)

    HPCC Hesheng Polymer Alloy Plastic Cable Channel(PVC)

    Cable channel is a fully closed cable supporting system. The difference from the tray on the concept is that the ratio of height and width is different. The tray is shallow and wide, and the cable channel has a fixed depth. It is most suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables and control cables and other cables with low heat. Metal box wiring can make weak electric cable free from the disturbance of strong electric line, the cable can get good protection from damp and corrosive environment by plastic box wiring.