Cable tray installation and Grounding wire installation

Cable tray installation

5ladder cable tray, Perforated cable tray and trough cable tray or cable trunking  with connection plate connection, washers, spring washers, nuts fastening, nuts should be located in the ladder frame, pallet outside.

Cable tray and electrical cabinet, box, box connection, inlet and outlet should be connected to hold the foot, and screws fastened, the end should be installed blocking.

③ When the cable trays passes through the deformation joints of the building (expansion joints, settlement joints), the cable tray itself should be disconnected, and the groove should be overlapped with the inner connection plate, and one end should not be fixed.

④The right-angle bend, tee and cross of the cable tray should adopt the corresponding parts matched by the manufacturer, and the construction unit should not make its own; the cover plate of the cable tray should have no warping, and the interface should be tight and neat.

⑤ When the cable tray passes through the fireproof wall and fireproof floor, fireproof isolation measures should be taken.

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Grounding wire installation

①The whole length of the cable tray should be a good electrical path. Galvanized products of the cable tray lap with nuts, flat pads, spring pads can be fastened without doing across the grounding line. If the design requires otherwise, according to the design construction.

cable tray in the building deformation joints must be done across the grounding line, across the grounding line to leave a margin.

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Post time: Nov-08-2023