Galvanized Steel trough type cable tray construction precautions

Galvanized Steel trough type cable tray construction precautions

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Galvanized cable tray in the installation is required to pay attention to a lot of issues, due to improper installation may be cable trunking using the quality and performance, the so-called three parts of the material, seven parts of the installation is the truth, the following we look at the different cable containment installation need to pay attention to what problems.

  ① The bolts of the connecting plate should be tightened, and the nut should be located on the outside of the metal cable tray.

  ② straight section of stainless steel cable tray more than 30m should have expansion joints, and its connection is appropriate to use expansion joint plate.

  ③ The turning radius at the turning point of the large span cable raceway should not be less than the * small allowable radius of the cable on the cable trunking** value.

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  ④ Steel pipe should be used for the piping leading from the cable trunking. When the tray type cable trays needs to open the hole, should use the hole opener to open the hole, its cut should be neat, the pipe hole diameter to match, strictly prohibit the use of gas, electric welding to cut the hole.

  ⑤ When remodeling the cable trays, it should be cut by hacksaw, and the cutting place should be smoothed and painted, and it is strictly prohibited to use gas, electric welding or other ways to remodel.

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  (6) If the trough type cable tray bracket arm is installed on the brick wall or floor, if the bracket arm fixing strength is not enough, you can consider welding the base plate on the bracket arm or strengthening the fixing strength with the bolt through the wall.


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