Main features of metal cable trunking or wireway

Main features of metal cable trunking or wireway

Cable trunking(also known as a trough type cable tray or wireway) is a structure used for cable line support and management. It consists of a series of members with a slotted cross-section, similar to a tray, hence the name cable tray. These slotted members are usually made of metal materials, such as steel or aluminum, but can also be other materials such as plastic.

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The main features of cable trunking include:

Channel structure: Channelized cable tray consists of flat, channelized members that can be arranged parallel to each other along the length of the cable tray. The channel structure holds the cables and secures them to the bridge, allowing cables to be neatly arranged and easy to manage and maintain.

Supporting Cables: cable trunking are designed to support and protect cables, wires and other power transmission facilities. Cables can be placed directly in the trough or fixed in the trough using brackets and fixings to ensure stability and safety.

Wide applicability: Trough cable tray is suitable for the wiring of all kinds of cable lines, including low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage cables, as well as control cables, communication fiber optic cables and so on. It can be used indoors and outdoors, across buildings, roads, rivers and other areas.

Ease of Maintenance: Since the cables are placed inside the trough, maintenance personnel can easily access the cables for maintenance and overhaul work. This is especially useful in locations where frequent maintenance and cable replacement is required.

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FLEXIBILITY: Trough type cable tray can be cut and customized to suit specific needs for different projects and locations. It can be flexibly sized and shaped to meet the requirements of different applications.

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Channel cable tray or cable trunking or wireway is widely used in construction, industry, transportation, telecommunication and other fields, providing a reliable support and management solution for cable lines. Due to its simple, practical and economical design, Cable trunking has become one of the common choices in cable line wiring.

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