HUFS Hesheng Metal Stainless Steel Galvanized Steel Alumnium Alloy Under Floor Stand

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Hesheng also offers a wide range of components and fittings of cable trays. H-UFS Under Floor Stand is generally attached to the ground and to support or fix the cable supporting system on the ground.

To form stronger structural elements, shapes are manufactured with two lengths welded together back to back, or three or four welded together in various patterns Strut is mostly manufactured out of sheet steel with electro plated, perma-gold, pregalvanized and hot dip galvanized coatings. Strut channels is also manufactured from stainless steel or aluminum alloy, in cases where rusting might become a problem or where weight is an issue。

H .S. Strut Channel is the original metal framing system featuring a unique weldless connection.
The H .S. Unistrut Channel system solutions eliminates welding and drilling, and is easily adjustable and reusable for infinite configurations.

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H-UFS Under Floor Stand
Hesheng cable tray system is ideal solution for instrumentation cable and electrical cable runs in industrial or commercial cable management applications, helping eliminate the need for conduit or ladder.

The continuous Hesheng cable supporting system allows for constant cable support. Our products consist of Wire Mesh Cable Tray, Cable Tray with holes , solid pan bottom cable tray, Cable Trunking, Cable Ladder, Wireway, wiremesh cable tray, Strut Channel, Conduit and accessories, which can be widely used in construction, energy, electricity and plant. We passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, UL Certificate (U.S.A.), and CE Certificate (E.U.)
Moreover,H.S. also develops various accessories for our range which are used for support & installation of cables over the cable trays.
S.offers a wide range of components of perforated cable trays.H-UFS Under Floor Stand is generally attached to the ground and to support or fix the cable supporting system on the ground.

Standard finish of H.S. Strut Channel as below, customize available:
•G — Pre-galvanized steel
•H — Hot Dip Galvanized
•S4 — Stainless Steel SS304
•S6 — Stainless Steel SS316
•P — Powder Coated
•M— Mill/Plain Steel ,
•A — Aluminium
•FRP - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics I GRP

H.S. Strut Channel Advantages:
•100% Adjustable
•100% Reusable
•No Welding
•No Drilling
•No Special Tools Hesheng Strut Channel

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Strut Channel and Fittings


Production Process

Production line for Metal Cable Tray Here is processing line of cable support system and welcome to visit our plant


Packing and Delivery for Cable tray

Packing Method:
1.In bundle
2.Wrapping Film,plastic tape, Plywood pallet.
3.Plywood Pallets is optional for wire basket cable tray
4.Carton for accessories
5.As per requirements


Installation case on site for Hesheng cable support system


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  • Standard finish of H.S.Perforated Cable Tray as below, customize available:

    Suffix Finish Suffix Finish Suffix Finish
    G Pre -galvanized/PG/GI P Powder coated Z Zinc plated
    H Hot dip galvanized/HDG A Alumnium E Electrolytic polishing
    S4 Stainless steel SS04 FRP Fiber reinforced plstic/GRP M Mill/Plain steel
    S6 Stainless steel SS06 F Fire rated
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